Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cocaine Killing National Parks

In case anyone needed another reason to know cocaine is bad for everyone involved, Scientific American appeals to their conservationist side. Although I doubt it'll work, it's an interesting aspect to the drug problem that has just recently appeared. This is a hard one to fix. I personally think if we start to tackle cocaine use, it ought to be for a better reason than saving parks, but I guess that's just me. In order to put a stop to this some serious attention would have to be paid to it, one that people probably aren't willing to put their money and their government's efforts towards.

In general, I see society as accepting drugs as something that will always be here. Not many people are up in arms about cociane. The Iraq war? Of course. Gay marriage? Check. Abortion? Yep. Cocaine? Well that can wait. We have more important things to worry about. It kills me to see the difficulty in zoning in on America's real problems: drugs and poverty. Education needs to be cleaned up, crime needs to be addressed, and a real solution to poverty besides food stamps. The national parks we really can worry about later.

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